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The Fire, and Healing, of Nature

We tend to think of nature as a benevolent, loving force; or at least when there is not a blizzard or hurricane afoot. Or for some, she is a fragile thing, easily disturbed by mankind’s actions, that must be restored/saved. For still others, the Earth is just…you know, dirt. That thing we all live on and take what we need from, because it’s good like that.

The truth is, She is all of those things. And a lot more. For me, our planet is the Goddess’ body, or part of it; one of Her many physical manifestations in this physical world. But I only bring that up for the sake of honesty/completeness- I’m not here to talk about my beliefs regarding the esoteric nature of our planet today, really. More like, talk about some weird stuff, that probably you should keep in mind.

…do any of you have any experience with brushfires? I don’t mean the kind that are started by silly teenagers getting stupid with lighters in a forest, or anything like that. 

I mean more like the dead of summer, in a forest, when the air is so dry your throat kinda hurts and crackles when you swallow, and it smells like dry old things even in the middle of that forest when you’re surrounded by trees. Because everything IS dry dry dry – so dry, so hot, it feels like you can’t take it anymore. It’s like the forest is a mummy – a dry husk of what it was. And that’s when nature decides it’s time for a bonfire. Heat lightning strikes amid all those bone-dry trees and pine needles and leaves, and all of a sudden the whole forest is burning.

Fire can be dangerous. It can be terrible, destroy homes and lives. But when started on its own, by Her, in Her forest, away from homes and people? Fire is Her great purification process; a burning away of the old so that from the rich, charcoal-fertilized soil new life can grow. She knows how to clean up Herself, when we step back a bit. But for those unable, or unwilling to step back, these events can be catastrophic. 

And here we see the wild, uncontrollable aspect of Nature, in all it’s infuriating certainty – when the tectonic plates move, when She demands change for Her reasons to Her own body, there will be earthquakes. When Her forests become too overgrown for Her liking, She will purify them, removing everything that would block the growth of the new and the survival of the strongest. Sometimes it is hard to see the good in what She does in these moments – and I am in no way suggesting the death of innocents from any natural disaster is a good thing. What I am saying is, from these moments of Her seeming fury, once our grief over our loss is done…these are the moments that She shows us our strength.

She burns away everything in us that cannot survive, in the dark scary times…so afterwards, what is left? What survives in you, reader, after your own personal darkest moments? I don’t think of these things as tests, though some do – I personally believe that no loving parent ever “tests” their child to see if they love/trust her “enough” (would you? I mean with your physical children, if you have any?). No, these are wake-up calls; wake up, She demands, to what is not working for you! For what is not healthy, or safe, or honest in your life! It’s time to set some things right.

It is here we see HER strength too. But it is a strength that is as healing and kind, just as it is ferocious. The islands of Hawaii are volcanically active…but since they are volcanic, built on rich ash, they contain some of the best farming soil in the world. Who hasn’t been comforted by some aspect of nature, even if it’s just that memory of the last time you went swimming in the ocean? And those who view Her as simply dirt are partly correct in that literally, everything in our world is available to us, especially now. But, despite the beliefs of many, it is worth remembering that we are stewards, not owners, here. She is delicate in Her ways too – our pollution does affect Her, and horribly at times. But when we can just get out of Her way….Her fire can burn. Her fire can also heal.

So many people annoy me some days by their loud proclamations of “we have to save the planet!!”. 

No. No we don’t. She is not a damsel in distress. 

We just have to stop being douchebags with our junk, and get out of Her way. 

It’s never, at heart, been more complicated than that. Ever. 

…but I digress. We are stewards here. But we also benefit. We benefit a lot, obviously. By the mere fact that you are (presumably) reading this on planet Earth, and not the burnt out ruins of space-jail on Xyrion Moon 5, you are benefiting. But you can probably benefit more.

 A while back I posted a grounding exercise, on here, where you imagine a root growing out of you and down into the center of the planet. Then, if you like, you can release anything in you that needs releasing out and down into Her. She can handle it. But have you tried the reverse? She is just as giving, as mentioned above, and is capable of great fertility and healing.

So, after grounding, make a new root, send it down to Her heart, and ask for Her to send up healing, clean, pure earth energy to you. Ask it to flow through your whole body; healing, cleansing, and energizing you. You can picture this as green light if you like, or if you’re more feeling-based, ask yourself how it feels, and pay attention as that feeling spreads up through your whole body.

This exercise is wonderful for any kind of healing, and very good for general “spaceyness”. It isn’t so good for any kind of psychic/spiritual work (it gets you VERY grounded) but that’s not a bad thing necessarily. Further, I SAY it isn’t good for spiritual work, because that’s what others have told me. But personally I don’t notice a problem. Though to me, the Earth is spiritual, as I mentioned in the beginning – I’ve never been one for physical renunciation. Your mileage may vary. Also, you can obviously reconnect to the Earth in a simpler fashion, by going outside for a hike or whatever. But since you’re all presumably adults who already know that (I hate those holier-than-thou folks who feel the need to remind others to go outside constantly, on their website, presumably written indoors), and because the current temperature where I live is officially in “human popsicle” territory, it seemed wise to stick with this for the moment.

****for those who want a refresher on the original grounding exercise, see here****


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