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Solitude, the Holidays, and the Goddess

I’ve never mentioned this on here before, but I recently started asking the Ma, the Goddess, before I post on here; like I’ve mentioned before, this blog is both writing practice for me, but also a way of sharing the bits and pieces I’ve learned over the years in case it can help someone. I want to make sure I’m writing, and sharing, to the best of my ability, and free of as much ego as possible.

I don’t always accomplish that, but that’s okay – I’m human, and I’m ashamed of, and regret, nothing that I’ve written here. But She has a better idea of what I, and others, need than I do. 

Though I do get clairvoyant and dream guidance, I recently started drawing a tarot card for guidance on what to write as well. I’ve never really used tarot cards to any extent before; they just never resonated well. But I’ve started learning the Motherpeace tarot deck for my training, and I admit that not only does it resonate, but the images and guidance I receive are so much clearer now; I’m incredibly, incredibly, grateful. For guidance on what to write about today, She gave me the 4 of discs (shown above) a card whose message I honestly consider to be one of the most important things for all of us to remember, ESPECIALLY during the holiday season (no matter which holiday, or none, that you celebrate).

The holiday season, for most of us, means spending time with our family and friends. It also means (again speaking a bit in generalities here) shopping, planning, travel, and all kinds of other busy, social things. I don’t need to tell you, I think, that this can be a very stressful time. The four of discs, the guidance from the Goddess I pass along humbly to you today for your consideration is this – make time for solitude.

Make time for you.

This card represents someone who has chosen, willingly, to retreat from the world for an unspecified period of time, to return to the Earth – to ground, center themselves, to remember, think, do, and feel what is important to them. We all want to make our families and friends happy, and to feel happiness ourselves by spending time with them. And that’s not a bad thing, not at all – family is important.

But so are you. And when we are around family, or old friends who have known us a long time, it’s easy for us to fall back into old habits that may not be healthiest for us. Or even just burn ourselves out trying to please everyone. Old patterns, old disagreements, old tensions can come to the surface, too, even during the most festive times. Again – we’re human.

So please, make a moment, or several, for yourself this holiday season, especially if you feel stress coming on. This doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t mean you’re abandoning your family – just a few minutes away, to sit, relax, and be, even. Consider the grounding exercise (with any variations you like) I wrote here, a few stretches or yoga poses if that’s your thing, journaling, or even just sitting and focusing on your breathing for a little bit. Whatever grounds you, brings you out of the stress around you and into the moment you’re in. You can even do it in the bathroom for privacy if you’re staying with relatives, or while in the shower.

 I have developed the practice of, as I get ready to sleep, turning out every light (even though I normally am a nightlight woman) crawling into bed in the dark and imagining myself in the womb of the Mother: in the warm, safe darkness of Her, completely protected and loved and surrounded by the soft-but-powerful energies within Her that create all life. A place of fertile peace, where anything is possible, but everything is still safe. 

 I don’t do this every night, and it obviously isn’t for everyone. But on the nights when I’m lonely, or stressed, or scared, or sad, it is exactly the thing for me. I encourage you, whether through bedtime rituals or shower breathing exercises or 15-minute grounding sessions, to find the way that works best for you to de-stress, ground yourself, and return to the place within that is still connected to the Earth, always, and who you really are. Make time for solitude.

We tend to think of solitude as a bad thing in our culture, but to quote the epic Tolkien, “Not all who wander are lost”. Likewise, not all who are alone are lonely; solitude need not be a place of sadness. Not all darkness need be evil either – it can be the warm comforting darkness of my nightly sanctuary with the Mother, whose darkness is as vast and rich as the velvety, beautiful blackness of the starry night sky. 

The holidays will still be there when you return. For now, come home.


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