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men’s rights groups – my thoughts

Men who complain about “men’s rights” being violated by feminism exasperate and sicken me. I really want to shake them senseless, then sit them down with a few books chosen by me and make them read them. 
Let me explain, if I will, why the “fight for men’s rights” is stupid. 
Because you already have them all. Scratch that – if you’re a white male, living in the Western world, reading this, you already have them all. All of them. Every single one. You make more money, get more jobs, get better houses, get more respect and attention paid to your opinions in the media, government, you name it. This entire country was founded by a group of white men. It’s rules and regulations were written with white men’s needs in mind. Your every whim, need, and desire has been catered to for hundreds of years, especially if you are a CHRISTIAN white male.
But now, something is changing. Suddenly, women are coming forward and saying “hey, you know those old white men who made this country and wrote all those rules and ideas down with white men in mind? Turns out, a group of old white MEN aren’t the best at knowing what women need and want. I guess they just assumed ‘eh, if we’re happy, the women will be’ and went on their merry way. And that attitude has trickled down throughout this entire country and its history and now, even in the 21st century, ‘feminist’ is a dirty word, women still earn less than men on average (even when employed in the same occupations!), rape victims are treated like criminals, and I don’t feel my rights are being acknowledged.”
And in a sudden, vindictive, venomous, and bewildering response to the above, we hear you men’s rights activists cry “OUR rights aren’t being acknowledged!”
Or maybe it’s some other group. Goddess knows that groups who identify themselves as “men’s rights” groups, after a brief search of some of their more common message boards, seem to have plenty of different types of people they despise. They hate pro-choice. They hate immigrants. They hate homosexuals/bisexuals/transsexuals. And even the ones who seem fine with the above groups? Are hateful enough, just about women (an entire half of the freaking species) to say things like “drunk women are just BEGGING to be raped”, or to point to draft supporters from Britain in WWII for Goddess’ sake as somehow exemplifying how women are out to subjugate men. In fact, there seems to be a very limited range of things or people they DO like.
But humanity is not limited. It is not adequately served by your narrow range of thought. And so all those types of people who you despise (who have existed as long as there have been people) will continue to exist, and, rather then stop to wonder if your hatred is actually serving some practical good in the world, you will continue to rage. 

Let me make this clear to you, since no one seems to have been able to explain it to you in a way that makes sense. Your rights are fine. You just have some experience to gain, which you haven’t had before.
Maybe I can put it to you this way- do any of you have kids? Let’s say for the sake of my example you have two kids. One, the older one, is the only one you buy toys for; she is also the only one you buy new clothes for, or spend any amount of time with, or ask the opinion of on family movie nights. Then you notice your youngest child – whom has never had anything new, who only gets toys and clothes from her older sibling when she’s done with them, who you only really spend time with when the your eldest is busy or away, who you never ask for an opinion on movie night – is looking kind of sullen, angry, and sad lately. 
If you’re any kind of parent, you’ll realize you may be being kind of a dick. You need to pay more attention to your youngest child. But you’re not freaking Oprah – your resources aren’t infinite. So you start spending more time with your younger child, buying her presents and asking her opinion occasionally, while still making time and effort to keep your eldest happy. You explain to your eldest, who has never had to share a thing before (especially not her parents attention!) that all of you, as a family, have to make an effort to make her youngest sister feel more included. This may mean that your eldest will get slightly less than she’s used to – again your resources aren’t infinite. But she is still very loved, and honestly, has gotten a little spoiled from always getting EVERYTHING. She NEEDS to learn to share.
…what do you think the initial reaction of the spoiled eldest child will be? She will scream, and cry, and feel hated and threatened and possibly consider trying to sell her sister on Craigslist. But the eldest is fine. All her needs are still being met, and she is in no danger of suddenly being deprived of her parents love or affection. They clearly have cared for her dearly for quite sometime.
To put it simply, she is throwing a temper tantrum. Because she is so spoiled, so used to having every bit of attention paid to her, that the slightest bit of effort by her parents to make her sibling feel included seems threatening, unfair and wrong. 
Men’s rights groups, YOU are the eldest child. 
And I love you, men in general, but men’s rights groups please spare me your temper tantrums. This is for your own good.


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