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My thoughts of the Divine Feminine

Though I have written a lot on trusting in the Divine Feminine/Goddess on here, and related stuff, I just realized that I’ve never stopped to write anything on what the term Divine Feminine means to me, so in the interest of honesty, and at the risk of this sounding like a school project, that is what I’ve decided to write about today. 
While below you may see me reference other belief systems, or historical texts, please note that no part of this is meant to convert anyone to my way of thinking. This blog is, at its heart, a way for me to catalog where my emotions and thoughts are at, as well as improve my writing skills, and finally, to help anyone out there who may be helped by any of the experiences I’ve gone through/am going through.
But my way, thoughts, and ideas are (obviously) only one way to approach worship with the divine. And I welcome any insight in the comment section on your own ways of doing so.
….My view of what the Divine Feminine is has evolved and changed as I’ve worked with the idea more, and done more research and learning. I originally viewed the Divine Feminine as something of an archetype alone; an ideal to strive for. However, I try to be open-minded, so in the interest of fairness, conceived I may be wrong, and chose to continue researching before I formed a specific judgement. 
Later, my views changed, to view it as a non-sentient, energetic substance (though I don’t think “substance” is exactly the right word here, “being” certainly wasn’t either for me at that time), which is present in women, and men, and was the energetic signature of what made women women, and what defined feminine qualities in men. I understand this definition is very vague, and was sort of my “in-between” phase. I was also becoming aware, as mentioned in a previous post, my lack of comfort with my own femininity, which led me to consider and eventually admit that my own preconceived beliefs and ideas were coloring my understanding. Or, maybe, my ability to understand. 
With this in mind, I began to read a lot on different views of femininity, and feminine sexuality; I also began doing meditative exercises to get in touch with my own feminine energies, and my beliefs/feelings regarding them. This is a process that continues for me, though slowly (and painfully) at times. It was during the beginning of this that I decided to pursue training as a Goddess Priestess, though I made it clear to those providing the training that this was mainly in an effort to learn more about my own feminine energy, and embrace it. I did not honestly expect I would finish it (though I suppose some part of my ego liked the idea).
There is now no question to me that I will finish. Even if some horrible, awful misfortune hits me tomorrow and I’m living under a bridge doing my lessons by hijacking the free Wifi at McDonalds, it has become too important to me, and my understanding has improved considerably. Through trial and error, mind you, through being forced to confront old beliefs and fears of mine that are not beneficial; but progress is progress. And I allow myself, in this moment as I write this, to feel proud of how far I’ve come. I feel more comfortable as a woman, more accepted, and though I have a ways to go, I am already much closer to where I want to be, if only by having a more clear understanding of what that is.
So what is the Divine Feminine to me today, in the here and now? Well, as hinted at the start of this post, to me, it is a sentient, all pervading, all encompassing force present in all things and beings. It is both what creates, and part of that creation. So it is both energetic, and energy taken physical form. While also being separate from such duality. 
How? I don’t know. But it, or more accurately, She, has become to me more the Universal Goddess that you’ll hear discussed. Similarly to Baha’i, where most major religious figures are viewed as manifestations of God (no matter what individual religion they are attached to), I now see the Divine Feminine/Great Mother as something that has created, sustains, exists in, and eventually absorbs all things. And Her manifestations are as viewed through all the Goddesses of human history; from Quan Yin to Astarte, from Aphrodite to Lilith, all of these are simply aspects, to me now, of the one whole that is Her; each one birthed to show and give humanity the different attributes of her personality, and abilities, that are needed. Or that we are able to accept. 
Kali, one of the fiercest manifestations of the Mother, is still the Mother (though even people in India often forget this). Aphrodite, in her sexual, beautiful glory, so unlike the traditional Western view of motherhood, is still the Mother. They are not separate, or rather, they are separate, but only to us, if we choose to see them as such.
Even the most loving mother can appear fierce and terrible to a child when that is the only way to teach a child an important lesson. Even the most devoted mother can (and should!) fully embrace their own sexuality. And inspire us to do the same. 
Though I occasionally still have old habits and beliefs kick out at me in protest (none of them positive or helpful) this is, for the most part, my understanding now. It is nothing new; Saktis in the Near East have been writing treatises on this concept since roughly 200 C.E., and Mother Goddess worship has existed, in one form or another, throughout the history of mankind (though this particular type of history often gets distorted, by both patriarchal historians, and well-meaning-but-equally-damaging modern day Goddess worshippers). I am not treading any new ground I know.
But it is very new to me, and wonderful. And, like I said at the start, I am certainly not trying to convince anyone to think or believe as I do. However, I WOULD love to hear whatever your beliefs on this topic are, whether they are very similar to mine, or very, very, different.
And no matter what they are, please know I wish you the best.


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